Council Members

Councillor James Rowlandson – Chairman

Cllr Rowlandson Register of Interests

Councillor Beth Hutchinson – Vice Chairman

Cllr Hutchinson Register of Interests

Councillor Jane Teasdale

Cllr Teasdale Register of Interests

Councillor Taylor

Councillor Toulson

Councillor Dobinson

Assignment of Responsibilities 2018/2019

DCC Liaison/Parish Forum/PACT Councillor J Rowlandson
Quarry Liaison Councillor B Toulson
Teesdale Residents/Traveller’s Forum Councillor J Rowlandson
Playground Councillor J M Taylor
Environmental, Footpaths & Trees Councillor J M Taylor
Stainton Village Hall & Residents Councillors J Teasdale & B Toulson
Authorised Cheque Signatories Councillors N B Hutchinson & J Teasdale
Stainton Grove Liaison Councillor A Dobinson
Press Officer S Chapman, Clerk