November 2019

This is the first newsletter on our new website and the intention is to keep the residents and members of the public informed of ideas, activities and responsibilities of the parish council.  Also it is our intention to mention residents of Stainton and Stainton Grove who are carrying out community actions which are helping to keep the villages tidy, more colourful or aiding other residents who require help or indeed anything else worth noting.

Blooming Stainton and Stainton Grove

Last year the DCC provided money for the purchase of pots and flower troughs in order to brighten up the villages. Three troughs were produced at the Quarry and can be seen at two entrances to Stainton and near the Community Centre in Stainton Grove. Other large pots are spread around the villages and although this year was not a good year to grow flowers because of the heat there has been a very colourful display in many places. Members of the community showed willingness to contribute to these displays by taking responsibility for certain pots.  Our thanks go to Irene and Ray Baker who filled and look after West Farm pots, Tam Smith and Neil who produced a lovely display near the green, Beth whose green fingers made the east end of the village very colourful and Jane Teasdale who looked after the pots near the drinking fountain. If you wish to be involved in this project or indeed any project feel free to contact the parish councillors.

A Tidy Village.

You may see a gentleman go round every day picking up litter and dog poo.  This is Ian who has taken it upon himself to keep Stainton village free from litter and other unmentionables.

Could I remind residents that it is a fineable offence NOT to pick up your dog poo.  The parish council has provided dog bins for this use.

Children’s Playground

It is the Parish Councils intention to renovate and improve the playground at the east end of the village. Money has been ringfenced for a number of years to provide these improvements and hopefully by next spring the playground will be more usefully used by the youngsters in the village

The Parish Council replaced a number of benches throughout Stainton village this year and one was given a plaque in memory of Mr Sykes who devoted so much time to the village.